Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Luncheon for Miss R

Our amazing nanny, Miss R, is getting married in a few short weeks.  This past weekend she and her beau let us host a bridal party luncheon in their honor.  You may have noticed that I skipped my Grocery Bag post this week...that's because we are still feasting on the delicious leftovers!

The Menu

(Southern Living Magazine)

Spicy Shredded Beef
(Two beef roasts and 28oz of salsa in a slow cooker for 10 hours)

("Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2," Plume Books)

Heart-shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
(for the kids in attendance)

Buffet #1

(Fine Cooking Magazine)

Greens with feta, pear, pine nuts & balsamic dressing

Cherries, peaches, pineapple

Tortellini with dipping sauces

Buffet #2

And finally....

(from More From Magnolia)

G-Bear and I had so much fun making the frosting together:
One of us was working hard...the mixer.
Tasting the pink frosting was the best part.
It piped beautifully out of a ziplock bag

Such fun!  Hopefully we did justice to the fabulous bride-to-be.  Although I did the ultimate entertaining no-no and tried a few new recipes for the first time, the menu was a success (i.e. did not run out of food and no one ran screaming from the kitchen), is certainly repeat-worthy and highly recommended.

Now back to those leftovers....


Just ME said...

Girl! You sure rocked that party. I have never seen tortellini served on induividual sticks... Pretty neat!

Patty said...

It all looks so yummy.