Friday, September 3, 2010

Three in the tub

Tonight we are babysitting my cuter-than-anything niece so that my sister can go to the baseball game with my parents.  That meant three cute bottoms in the bathtub tonight!  We were busting at the seams at our dinner table, the meal leftovers were eerily scant, and now I have snoring babes in every spare room.  What a treat to fill up our little house with so much love and cuteness.  G&E Bear love all their cousins to death, and since we live far away from all of them right now, it is always a treat to have time together.  You should have seen everyone giving each other hugs and kisses before bedtime.  1 year old Sparky took her cue and offered the first goodnight hug to her big uncle T.  What a charmer.  We will miss you, Cousin Sparky!


SnoWhite said...

what a cutie!! I'm sure you're enjoying your time together :)

Katie Lee said...

Love this picture! Harkin is missing her cousins and can't wait for the next sleepover :)