Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Fair Fun

Ah, the Great Minnesota Get Together.  We made sure to arrive early this year, before the crowds became too intense:

9:30AM at the Fair.  You should have seen the crowd by noon.
The kids enjoyed their Pronto Pups with enthusiasm.
G-Bear wondering if E-Bear is going to eat all of his pup.  The hats were a hit.
Of course we indulged in a few treats,
Who loooooves ice cream??
and passed on a few as well:
Proof these really exist.  You should have seen the line.
Frying up some Oreos.  Sorry, we passed on these too.

There were amazing sites to behold everywhere,

and the kids loved saying hello to the animals,

Sweet dreams, piggy!

but this year the rides were a especially popular.  
G-Bear decided the motorcycles were her favorite.  
She was nice enough to take her little brother for a ride.

If you ask her, I bet she will still tell you her favorite part of the Fair was her motorcycle ride, 
on "the BLUE one."

My sweet boys, hanging out
So great to share in the fun together.
One of the many hats worn proudly at the Fair

We finished our day at the Mighty Midway games.  Quite an indulgence, thanks to Papa and GrandMo.  I think GrandMo was just excited that she wouldn't be taking home any prizes that were procured.

Uncle C, in his talent & benevolence, was  kind enough to win an animal for each attending niece & nephew. Then I found a game for the kids that seemed juuuuuust right.  Fishing!  And the best part?  Every player wins.
E-Bear learning the technique
Catching the fish!

Evidently everyone was excited when the fisherboy & girl got their prizes.

At the end of the day we were weary Fair-goers returning home with full tummies and plenty of bounty.

Despite the tears of exhaustion that were shed in the last few minutes of our trek, I was really impressed with our crew.  We had a great time. I know we make a big deal out of the food and games, but the Fair is so much more than that.  The kids get face to face with the animals and experience sights, sounds and concepts that they have never encountered before.  The Fair shows off the best (and perhaps worst!) of the State in a way that we get to explore together as a family.  And, it reminded me that the wonder of young children is something that passes so quickly.  The kids were blown away by the little thrills, their rubber balls and snugglies, but that simple delight won't last very long.  Unless we fight to keep it, struggling courageously against sin, selfishness and disillusionment.  A struggle worthwhile, I think.  Important lessons and lots of fun, all from the Minnesota State Fair. 


B-Mama said...

This looks so awesome! Maybe we need to trek to MN for future fairs? Is that acceptable among non-natives?? :)

Queen B said...

B-Mama, you bet! We would LOVE it! One and all are welcome! We have had out-of-state crews in for the Fair before. What a time you guys would have :)

SnoWhite said...

what a fun time at the fair!! we're hoping to make it yet this year -- my husband has never experienced the fair :)