Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preschool Orientation

That's right, friends.  We have been officially inducted into the sChOOL-kid club!  G-Bear had her preschool orientation tonight.  Glad we didn't forget it amongst all our fun activities this week, including cousin Sparky and Aunt K being in town.  G-Bear set right to work at the playdough table while the parents got oriented to the teachers and school schedule.  A WHOLE 2.5 hours 2 times a week?!  Am I going to be able to make it that long?

It is clear to me that G-Bear is going to love school.  She couldn't contain her excitement over the scissors bucket or the dress-up corner, complete with princess dresses and shoes.  E-Bear set right to work in the play kitchen.  Little guy will be morose when he figures out he doesn't get to go to school yet.  Sorry, bud, gotta be potty-trained.

In addition to playtime there will be daily story & craft time, show & tell, a letter of the week, a saint of the month and 2 snow days each winter.  What fun!  T asked G-Bear if she would go to work and let him go to school instead.  She replied politely, "No, daaaaaddy! But you can PRETEND to go to work!"  I think she has the right idea :)

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