Monday, August 16, 2010

Gentleness and Patience

...Let them permeate my house today.

For my children, should sibling screaming ensue, after I have given warnings, counted to three, employed a time out, and employed it again.  Because perhaps there is frustration or hurt behind those sharp shrieks, and with gentleness and patience perhaps I can mend them.

For my labors, should the meals not turn out, or taste right but not be eaten because of youthful suspicion, or chores not go right, or plans not quite work despite great preparation.  Because perhaps there is a time to laugh at mistakes, and growth is in the work, the labor, the journey...not just in the product.

For myself, should frustration and worry creep in, about this or that, after I have tried to banish it, lest the mental frustration distract me from and overflow into my day.  Because frustration with myself will only lead to frustration with others, and afterall, perhaps the future is not known for a reason.

For my husband, should he get home late, or seem distracted, or have more work to do once he gets home. Because perhaps today was discouraging, or exhaustion unending, the world harsh and unforgiving. My patience can overcome the world's harshness, and my gentleness be his affirmation.

Please, Lord, let gentleness and patience govern my house today.


B-Mama said...

B, this is beautifully written, rather poetic. I pray that gentleness and patience permeates our home too... so far I'm off to a not-so-impressive start. Time to offer it up! Blessings in this ongoing endeavor.

Just ME said...

Very well written. I think this could resonate with any mother and/or wife.

Sarah Harkins said...

Hi! I just found your blog from "Just ME". You have a darling blog and I love your posts. I look forward to reading more :) P.S. I am a Minnesota girl too! Although we live in Virginia, I love to come back and visit my fam in MN.