Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Latest Firsts

Its been a while since I indulged in a proud-parent post.  Feel free to move on with your day if you the sweetness is too much ;)
The Doodle-bug Bears

Presenting our latest firsts!
(drumroll, please!)

...E-Bear climbed to the top of the pirate ship slide ladder by himself this week. That's right.  Little gross motor maniac.  I think his sister just climbed to the top of the ladder by herself this week too (just kidding :)  Sort of).

...G-Bear asked to swim on her back *twice*!  That's two separate occasions, folks!  And put her head under the water all by herself!  Swim team olympian, here we come.

And while we're at it....

...E-Bear jumped off the side of the pool into my arms all by himself!  That's no hand holding.  His sister followed close behind ;)  Little gross motor maniac.

You wanna play?

...G-Bear and E-Bear have made up a new game.  Its called "Going on Vacation." It involved packing a large bucket or bag with all their toys, blankets, books and pillows and then dragging it around the rooms on their way to make a 'tent' while on their journey to a 'castle.'  You can tell who is the brains behind the operation, but E-Bear plays right along!  Amazing.  Lots of imaginary worlds to be discovered around here.

...E-Bear is talking up a blue streak.  The latest words to shine through are:
Ready to tell it like it is :)
'Pincess!' (that's right, as in Disney. Oh, you bet he has an older sister)
'Blankie?' (for his favorite green friend, in place of the previous 'happy?'....sort of sad to hear that one go)
'Caaaaaaay!' (for cake, can you tell we have been celebrating family birthdays lately?) and
'Hep pee, hep pee' (for help please. We're trying that instead of whining these days.  Good luck to me).
'Gabi!' (for G-Bear.  Super sweet to hear him finally call her by name.  Not what I call her, but that's the stuff nicknames are made of).

...G-Bear is right back at E-Bear with nicknaming.  'Bud' is her favorite pet name for E-Bear currently, followed closely by 'Buddy.'  Even sweeter because that is what T's dad, our dear Dee, was called by his sister.
This sister loves her 'Bud'

And last but not least?
Hard at work.  Concentrating.  
...G-Bear wrote her first letter yesterday!  Okay, okay, she TRACED her first letter.  But she did a great job.  We were both super proud of her work.

I drew the blue lines.  G-Bear traced in purple.

G-Bear's handiwork on the left. E-Bear's handiwork on the right.
A thousand thanks to Aunt K for her ideas on teaching letters while we were in NC.  G-Bear is having a great time with our chalk board!

Those are the highlights.  Thank you, Lord, for these wonderful days.

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