Monday, August 30, 2010

State Fair Grocery Bag

Well in case you have missed my incessant mentions, the MN State Fair continues!  We are keep going back for more fun, and my meals for the week reflect that.  I promise I won't subjecting my children to State Fair food EVERY meal this week (although they certainly wouldn't complain!).  But here are some of our favorite foods that we will be sure to hit up at least once during our many trips to the Fair.

The list tops out at 83 foods on a stick this year. That's right.
(Image courtesy of the Kentucky State Fair)
For more great MN State Food ideas, check out MN Fair Food from A to Z at Tangled Noodle or the official MN State Fair Food Finder website.   I promise, everything you could ever dream of and more.

And now, onto some of the favorites!

Mashed Potatoes on a Stick
How do they do these?
(Photo at Twin

 MN Turkey Growers Juicy Turkey Sandwich
There is no passing this up.  Best turkey I have ever eaten.


Pronto Pup
No ordinary corn dog.  Once a year, baby!

Dairy Barn Milkshake

Yum!  Nothing like the State Fair.  If our traditional favorites sound too boring for you, perhaps you would like to try some of the more original food fare I saw offered again this year.  Like I said, something for everyone!

The Pickle Dog (pickle + cream cheese + pastrami)
Peanut butter hot dog (just like it sounds)
Spam curds
Deep fried Twinkie
Mocha on a Stick
Fudge Puppy (a chocolate covered waffle)
Fried Oreos
Hot Dish on a Stick

Too fun!  Blessing on your kitchen this week!  Mine may be eerily quiet.


Just ME said...

You aren't helping my diet any....I am sure thats all organic and fat free right?

SnoWhite said...

oh... sweet martha's!! YUM!

Patty said...

I love the smell of a fair! YOu should see what they do in TX. Fried butter?!

Not a fan of Oprah, but she came down last year just to do a live show on the crazy foods at our TX state fair.

How do you plan on detoxing...LOL Enjoy while you can!

Anonymous said...

Betsy! Good for you food at the fair: Fresh Peach Parfait from the Salty Tart- find it outside the Ag building towards the International's expensive (7 bucks) but FABULOUS, especially when it's 94 degrees. Ask V about the Black Walnut Salt Water Taffy.
See you at the fair!

Queen B said...

Thanks for such great comments, everyone. I am definitely going to need to detox after our fun week! I need a few good *healthier* recommendations, because we have already been twice and have our third trip scheduled! Peach Parfait, here I come!