Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abstract due...

Just a few more days until the abstract for my research study is due.  The topic?  Women's experiences with extremely preterm birth.  The stories, each precious, individual and set apart, are gut-wrenching, soul-searching and awe-inspiring all at the same time.  Now I am crunching numbers, writing and re-writing feverishly---all at odd hours of the morning and night so that I can spend these precious summer days with E-Bear and G-Bear.  I would love your prayers for stamina, focus, efficiency and a worthwhile paper as I finish my work this week.  After Friday I resolve to withdraw from the nocturnal world---at least until Boards studying kicks into high gear in September ;)

This is the prayer in my Magnificat today.  It helps me focus as I finish my paper.  It also helps me pray for families who walk the path with a child born premature:

All times and seasons are in God's hand; all times and all seasons are fulfilled in Christ. 
You are our light and our salvation. 
Yours is the night and Yours is the day; enlighten us with your wisdom at every hour of our lives. 
You are our light and our salvation. 
Yours are the years and Yours are the seasons; teach us to trust in Your provident designs. 
You are our light and our salvation. 
Yours is the fullness of life; bring us to dwell in your presence forever. 

You are our light and our salvation.

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Patty said...

We will keep you in our daily prayers! Wow! What a topic. I bet it ran the gammit on emotions.