Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing Hooky

There is nothing like playing hooky from life, especially when you are doing it with your mom.

My mom called me from the cabin on Monday morning.  She was calling to invite me and the kids to drop everything and come up to play at the cabin with her.  She didn't want to clean the cabin and come home after a weekend entertaining friends.  I didn't want to stay home worrying about my test on friday.  At first I thought it was crazy---I am not really the "leave-town-spontaneously" least not these days my two munchkins in tow.  But something told me it was meant to be when I was able to pack our bags, check email, clean the house, fold the laundry, make dinner to leave in the fridge for T, and get the kids in the car for a splash pool playdate--all before Sesame Street was over.  So, exhausted from splash pool fun, I turned our car northwest toward the cabin rather than northeast toward home.  Let the hookie begin.

No one plays hooky like GrandMo
As one would expect, we had a great time with GrandMo at the cabin.  She had plenty of left-overs from her weekend of entertaining, so there was no cooking to worry about.  The kids were delighted to play with the Yahtzee cups and dice, Checkers chips, Chess pieces and Sequence cards in place of their normal toys (ever noticed how kids turn the funniest items into toys?).  We enjoyed 70 degree weather in place of the 90 degree heat of the city.  And we managed multiple tours around the lake in Papa's new spectacular pontoon.

E-Bear taking it all in.
Yes, he is wearing a jacket.  It is still allegedly summer in MN.
Future hooky expert.  Papa, we love your boat.
We returned home find the dinner I had left for T still uncooked in the fridge.  Poor Prince had gotten home after 10pm both nights that we were gone.   Brutal.  So, it turned out that while we had missed him terribly while at the cabin, we had picked a good time to be gone.  As usual, GrandMo had the right idea.  I think she still hasn't made it back....


SnoWhite said...

oh, what a retreat and restful time -- glad you went! praying for you for your exam tomorrow.

Just ME said...

Your mom is so pretty! I am hoping everything goes the way you want it to on your exam. I will most def shoot some prayn' your way! I do not miss those days of studying at all! Cant even comprehend how you can study while raising little ones! What an example you are to your kids. You rock it!