Thursday, August 26, 2010


E-Bear woke up early this morning, having had a bad dream.  Poor little guy was snuggling in my arms, just as our super-star nanny, Miss R arrived.  'Uh-oh,' I thought, 'he's not going to be happy when I leave in a few minutes.'  I usually leave the house before the kids wake up if I am working, so we rarely have to say good-bye when Miss R arrives.  I fully expected my sleepy E-Bear to bristle at the sight of me leaving him.  What a bummer way to start the day.

I sat E-Bear down for his breakfast and packed my bag, conspicuously, as I prepared to leave.

"Mommy?"  said E-Bear.
"Yes, sweetie."
"Yes, bud, I am getting ready to go to work.  I have to go to work today, but Miss R will be here and G-Bear will wake up soon to play.  I will be home a little later."

Wait for it....

"Ok," said E-Bear.

Excuse me?

"I love you, sweetie." I said as I kissed him good-bye.  "I will see you in a little bit."
"Ok!  Bye!"  And he went happily back to munching on his banana as I turned to leave.

"Cereal!"  I heard him exclaim with delight as I closed the door behind me.  We are full of little excitements here in Happily Ever Johnson Land.  And this was my excitement for the morning.  My little guy is growing up so fast.  This morning he was able to let me go without a fuss.  I am thankful for his trust in me that that represents, and his trust in Miss R, who has blessed our family so much.  Like I said, little excitements; sometimes the biggest blessings.

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