Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

We had a wonderful time enjoying Halloween with MoMo and Papa this week!
MoMo carved the great pumpkin this year, even attracting the attention of the local news station.

All of my pumpkins were excited for trick-or-treating to start,

reeeeeaaaaaally excited!

Woody and Jessie made another appearance and made my night.

We stood look out for the first trick-or-treaters early in the evening.

Then, it was our turn to head out in pursuit of neighborhood treats!

 Baby Bear was a trooper, coming along for the ride. 

E-Bear and G-Bear were pros.  Last year, E-Bear had to be carried because he was in a cast, but not this year!  They raced from house to house, carrying their bags.  They shouted "trick-or-treat!" together loud and clear, and almost always said a grateful "thank-you!" for their goodies.  

By the end of our walk around the block, their hard work had been heartily rewarded!  
Check out the piles of goodies they dragged home :)

Our bedtime treats are pretty exciting this week, as you might imagine. :)  

Happy Halloween, All Saints and All Souls day, from all of us in Happily Ever Johnson Land.

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