Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seven months, two more teeth, and Mr. Scoots

I'll tell you the story of Baby Bear sweet,

joyful by day,

alas, night howls replete.

Who me?

For weeks this went on for our poor little bear,

his mother, quite sleepless, was pulling her hair.

No, surely not!

But ha!  That was then!  We are now quite in heaven.

No longer six months,

Baby Bear is now seven!

Ok, maybe me

He celebrates in style: from his gums underneath,

on his seven month birthday, came two enormous top teeth!

Hooray!  Two new chompers!  We'll now all get sleep!

But alas, Baby Bear had one last secret to keep:

When we babes learn new skills, oh haven't you heard,

we have such trouble sleeping, though it seems quite absurd,

So sorry dear mommy, though the point might be moot,

I still don't plan to sleep

'cause I'm learning to scoot.





Mr. Scoots, I love you, and I love all the new things you are learning everyday.  This is true even if you keep me up at night, which you do.  

Happy seven months, Baby Bear!

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B-Mama said...

The boys want to name a boy baby bear, G, after your G. He is the cutest, even if he is nocturnal! So sorry for you, Queen B!! Thank goodness they're so precious and adorable! Prayers!