Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

If I am not careful, by the end of November I am going to set a Happily Ever Johnson record for all-time lowest number of posts in a month.  *Sigh.*

What a great reason to take a moment to reflect on our awesome, low-key family weekend.  Thanks to an interview that was rescheduled, E-Bear and G-Bear enjoyed one of their first full weeks of school since September (whew, have we been on the go!), and we five Happily Ever Johnsons enjoyed a full weekend at home with an empty schedule.  Now, don't get the idea that we don't LOVE our travels and our crazy goof-off weekends with our treasured family and friends.  Our adventuring good fortunes simply allow us to treasure weekends at home in a way we probably wouldn't otherwise.

So, here are some snapshots from our Sunday.

Our morning began with a tea party and a dog named Harold.

Harold was abandoned; the tea party was invaded.

Note the swiftness of hand with which Baby Bear makes his move!

A tussle was averted by a call to the breakfast table.  Pumpkin pancakes for everyone!
(We are one pumpkin down.  More on that tomorrow.)
Except you, Baby Bear.  Rice cereal and sweet potato for you.

And finally, what better way to follow a tea party and a pancake breakfast?

Picnic, anyone?

Lord, thank you for lazy days and Sunday Snapshots.

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