Friday, November 11, 2011

A Tired Momma's Top Moments

The past two weeks of traveling and interviewing have left me exhausted.
I am happy to report that the munchkins remain energetic, flourishing, and bright-eyed each morning.

On Wednesday, when we woke up at home for the first morning in ten days, G-Bear and E-Bear said,

"Mommy, we want to go back to MoMo's house."

After breakfast they said, 

"Mommy, will you go to another long meeting today?"

I think they have been enjoying the perks of my interview season ;)

So, as we head into the weekend and take a step back to re-boot around here, 
I'll share my top ten lists from our travels and adventures:

Best Moments!

 MoMo & Papa's amazing hosting of one crazed momma and three happy campers.
They may have arrived home from Greece 12 hours after we descended on their house, but MoMo and Papa didn't miss a beat.  They fed, loved, cuddled and cared for us for over a week, despite the rarity of sleep around the house.  Praise the Lord for loving, energetic grandparents!

 Nana arrives home safely from China.
She's back!  She's safe!  She's amazing!

E-Bear's bathroom independence: boy, is this kid growing up!
Seriously, this guy is easy on his momma.

Getting all dressed up with the kids for the Alabama game to cheer on the team:
E-Bear is a little T (and loving it!) in his crimson jersey and Alabama hat.

G-Bear calling Nana to tell her the Bible story of Joshua, Caleb and Jerico:
"Nana, would you like to hear the story I learned at Bible school?"  My heart melted to watch G-Bear sit on her reading chair and recount the story of how "Joshua and Caleb trusted in God." 

Cold Shoulder Moments!

Forgetting the electric plug for the breast pump during an interview day.
Note to self: Eight hours without nursing or pumping is not a great plan, especially on a day when one should be focused and upbeat.  Try not to do that again ;)

Boooooo to the automated flushers in the airport.
Nothing puts a damper on potty independence like those nasty automated toilet flushers that spontaneously flush while little hineys are sitting on the seat.  By the end of our layover, I had three kids in tears, two refusing to get on the toilet seat, no one had tinkled and we were late for our flight.  Sheesh.  I would have given every dime in our bank account for a manual flush toilet.  Luckily for T there weren't any, or we would be broke.  

Alabama's narrow loss to "that purple team"
Enough said, but we cheered hard and still love our Crimson Tide.

"Fall back" and other time changes
Seriously, could we just pick a time zone and stick with it?  As the mother of small children, who have no concept of what time it is when they wake up in the morning, I am begging for mercy from lack of sleep! Is this "fall back" time change really necessary ? :)

All in all, these have been memorable and meaningful weeks.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

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Buck said...

I learned this trick when I was pregnant and throwing up for 25 weeks (no one likes the auto flush when they're sick either!). Next time you're out, pack a little stack of post-it note. If you stick a post-it over the toilet's "eye" it won't flush. :)

As to the eight hours without nursing, I have nothing except ouch. Probably felt like oyud have milk come out your eyeballs by then end?