Monday, October 17, 2011

Why a Guys' Weekend is worth the investment

We are refreshed and back from Richmond today.  We are happy to report that the trees are changing color and the friendships are strong.

T's view from the Guys' Weekend

Every year, T gathers with some of his best guy friends from college for a weekend of reconnection, rejuvenation, reflection and fun.  This year, the reunion was held this past weekend outside of Richmond, VA.   The guys always have a great time together, but it is worth noting that each man's family makes a sacrificial investment of money and time by letting their husband/father travel to or host the weekend.  Many of the guy's wives are home alone with infants and children, and many budget their money and vacation time carefully to attend.  However, I know that I am not the only wife who thinks that the investment is worth it.  This year is the sixth year of the gathering, and no matter what sacrifices we make so that T can attend (the inception gathering was held the weekend after we returned from our honeymoon!), he always returns a better husband, father and friend.  This group of guys is special, special to each other, and committed to encouraging, supporting and holding one another accountable in the Lord.  Friendships like the ones T maintains on his "Guys' Weekend" are worth the investment.

This year was an extra special Guys' Weekend for us because while the men were being hosted elsewhere by Mr. G, his wife, Mrs. G, hosted the Bears and me at G-Ville along with another one of the wives and her daughters.  Between three moms we had nine kids under the age of six, and we had an amazing weekend together!  The kids and I loved the constant hum of activity and friendship.

Queen B's view from the Moms' Weekend!
Here are six of the nine munchkins who gathered for the weekend.

G-Bear, E-Bear and Baby Bear made seven great new friends.  I was inspired by Mrs. G and Mrs. A's parenting all weekend.  I was encouraged and inspired by our late night conversations after the kids were tucked in bed.  Mrs. G's hosting was impressive, complete with panini sandwich lunches, homemade pizza dinners and soccer ball doughnuts after church.  But the best part was sharing in motherhood and friendship while the guys gathered together.  The men returned to find three refreshed moms and nine happy kids -- quite the feat if you ask me!

When the men returned, E-Bear and G-Bear were able to spend some time with their Godfather E, who they met for the first time.  They were so excited.

E-Bear, G-Bear and their Godfather

For me, this year's Guy's Weekend was extra special because it not only brought the men closer together, but it brought their families closer together as well.  Like I said, the weekend is worth the investment.   Thanks to our great friends, Mr. and Mrs. G, for making this great weekend possible.

Baby Bear with Mr. G

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B-Mama said...

Just posted on this--what an AWESOME weekend! Loved every minute of it. You all are the best and we'd have you here over and over again, it was that joyful! Hope your drive home was uneventful!! Come again soon!! :)