Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grocery Bag

A grocery bag is always better late than never in my world!  Here are my dinner ideas for our week.  

Day One
Veggie burgers with cheese and onions
with broccoli-craisin slaw
We have perfect grilling weather this week!

Day Two
Curried lentils in tomato sauce from Everyday Food Magazine
with basmati rice and spinach salad
This is one of my favorite lentil dishes
Photo and recipe from

Day Three
Chicken and spinach casserole from Everyday Food Magazine
with honey roasted carrots and apple slices

Photo and recipe from

Day Four
Spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs from Chasing Some Blue Sky
with homemade bread and mixed green salad
The kids can't wait to try our spaghetti squash. 
I'll cook some regular spaghetti to toss with the squash just in case.

Photo and recipe from Chasing Some Blue Sky

Day Five
Bacon, apple and cheddar sandwiches 
with carrot, snow pea and bell pepper stir fry
A fun sandwich for our game night this week.

Blessings on your kitchen!


Buck said...

Okay - here's what I wonder every week as I'm stirring my Kraft mac and cheese. Do your small bears really eat all of these things???

Queen B said...

Great question, Buck! Hee, hee, I have to laugh, because isn't that the question we are all asking ourselves as mothers of little kids?! My principal is that if my kids are hungry enough, they will eat something. If they aren't hungry, they won't eat it, even if I put Kraft out on the table. Every time we have a new dish for dinner, they are skeptical. We tell them that they have to try one bite before they can leave the table. Their plates have to be clean if they want to have a bedtime treat. However, over time my efforts at putting new items on our weekly menu has paid off. For instance, since we have lentils fairly often, there is a good likelihood that my kids will at least try them now when I cook them. I always include a veggie and a fruit on with our meals as the recognizable "staples" that they can focus on if the meal is too creative. I also work hard to mince veggies into dishes or separate out the ingredients on the plate for the pickier eaters. For instance, this week when I make the sandwiches, I may separate out the ingredients for E-Bear so that he has a cheese, apple, bread and bacon plate to enjoy rather than a sandwich. Little tricks like that work wonders!