Monday, October 3, 2011

Grocery Bag

It is officially autumn here in North Carolina.  I am stocking up on fall produce and digging out a few more of my favorite fall recipes.  Here is my plan for the week!

Day One
Spicy honey chicken thighs from Cooking Light
with curried butternut squash couscous from Real Simple

Photo and recipe from

Day Two
with pear slices
This is one of our favorites.  This week we are switching up peppers for broccoli in the dish.

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Day Three
Crustless garden veggie quiche from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
with apple, dried cranberry, & romaine salad
This is one of my favorite egg dishes.  I mince the vegetables for the kids, and they love this too!

Photo by Happily Ever Johnson,
recipe from

Day Four
Sweet and sour tofu from Cooking Light
with brown rice and lettuce cups
This recipe calls for shrimp, but we also like it without.  
I'll serve it with lettuce cups for a fun twist.

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Day Five
Curried lentils from Everyday Food Magazine
with brown rice and apples

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Blessings on your kitchen this week!

1 comment:

SnoWhite said...

Great idea about mincing the veggies in the quiche. I'm so glad you and your family enjoy the recipe.

We're feeling more like summer here than fall... but I'll take it! In a few weeks, we'll have snow ;-)