Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's another football weekend around here.  We had a great time with Uncle T, Aunt K and the cousins yesterday for yet another awesome UNC football game.   E-Bear and G-Bear love pointing out the UNC symbol everywhere they see it, whether on a car on the highway or on someone's shirt passing by:  "Look, look, Mommy!  It's Uncle T's team!"  Yesterday at the game they were faithfully cheering on the team for Uncle T, with E-Bear yelling, "Gooooo Blue Team!" and G-Bear asking, "did they get a touchdown?" every time the crowd clapped.

So far this season, the Bears have been growing impressively in their knowledge of football.  Take our conversation in the car last week, for example:

E-Bear: (pointing to a large white A/C box on top of a airport shuttle van)
 "Mommy, that car has a helmet on it's head!"

Me:  "E-Bear, you are right, that does look like a helmet on that car."

E-Bear: "Yeah, it must be going to play FOOTBALL!"

G-Bear: "Helmets are for players so they don't bonk their heads."

E-Bear: "Yeah, don't get a bonk! Go, truck, go!"

Me:  "You're right, G-Bear, I am impressed that you know that."

G-Bear:  "Well, that is the rule.  That is what the man on the TV said when we were watching with Daddy.  The man said, 'you have to have your helmet on your head before you go out on the field.'"

We're all about safety around here!  

Our exchange also made me realize how much TV and radio conversation the kids are picking up these days.  This was a good reminder to pay close attention to what's turned on when the Bears are around.  And as for the cheers at the game?  Keep 'em G-rated!  My Bears are listening ;)

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