Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Bear's First Bites

Dearest Baby Bear,

Up until yesterday, every bit of nourishment that you have received in your life has come from me.
It has been my joy and blessing to feed every cell of your body through every moment of your life.

But yesterday, we moved to a new stage.

Baby Bear, meet rice cereal.   

Dearest Mom,
No matter how many crazy faces you make,

 to get me to open my mouth and eat this weird cereal stuff,

(and I must say that some of your faces are REALLY, really silly)

I am going to keep my mouth shut, resist the spoon,

and make a funny face back at you,

just so you feel appreciated for all the great meals you've given me so far.

 Someday soon I'll wolf this stuff down.
But not today.

(But I'll admit, it did taste pretty good :)

We love you, Baby Bear!  These milestones are so precious.  You're doing a great job already.

The squash awaits.....

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