Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remembering Annie Rose

Today is a special day as T and I remember traveling to Houston to be with our dear friends,
Katrina and Ed and their family.

Today marks two weeks since the birth of their daughter, Anastasia Rose.  

Katrina has written about her daughter's life and death on the blog, Building Cathedrals.  Annie was born with a condition called anencephaly and lived just a few minutes after birth.  Annie's life is a testament to the truth that every life is precious and can have an powerful effect on the world, no matter how long or short.  Through Annie's life, countless health care workers, neighbors, friends, family members and even strangers witnessed the strength of a family's love, the beauty of Christian community, the power of loving parents living in grace amidst suffering.  

Me, Katrina, and Katrina's daughter, M, talking together after Annie's birth

T and I remain so grateful for the blessing of getting to be in Houston for Annie's birth.  Her life has left an indelible mark on our lives, as has the strength and loving witness of her parents.  We'll never forget holding her in our arms, the looks on her older siblings' faces, the smiles of her parents.  We'll never forget that Annie inspired G-Bear to give her most beloved paci, an act of generous love that we couldn't have inspired ourselves.  I won't soon forget the sense of tragic loss, watching dear friends bear such a heavy cross.  Annie's life reminds us that this life is short, we have but a little time here.  But, no matter how long or short our lives, we can leave a mark of goodness on the world, and thanks be to God that we have victory over death in Christ.  Her life is one marked by that very Joy and Hope that gives limitless light to the world.

Katrina's daughter, M, admiring Annie's feet with T.

I am grateful to Katrina and Ed for sharing Annie's life with us and for permitting us to share our memories of Annie here.  

Thanks be to God for sweet Anastasia Rose and for touching our lives with hers.

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