Monday, June 25, 2012

A Basketball Birthday for 33

I couldn't resist throwing T a basketball birthday party this year.  

After all, birthday parties are the epitome of celebration for our kids right now,
and who can ever outgrow a birthday party?

We chose the basketball theme because it is well-known that T was number 33 on the court
during his long, illustrious years playing basketball.  What better way to celebrate the arrival of his 33rd year?

T was gone for two days leading up to his birthday, so the kids and I worked hard to make his cupcakes and decorate our living room with shakers and basketball festiveness.  The kids colored a picture of T playing "against LSU," and we made placemats out of basketball coloring pages for everyone to enjoy during the birthday lunch.

E-Bear was so kind to lend his basketball hoop to the cause.

 We surprised T by picking him up at the airport and bringing him home to his birthday party lunch.  The kids could hardly wait to give him his presents, so we did that first.  They were so excited to open his present for him: new basketball shoes and laces!  (T already had guessed his present because he had seen the charge on our bank statement -- it is impossible for me to surprise him!)

Then G-Bear proudly gave T her present: a custom birthday coloring book that she assembled herself. She had worked really hard to put it together for him.

 What a fun afternoon!

MoMo and Papa had no idea, but their birthday card was perfect for the occasion.  T absolutely loved it:
You can find more great "Inherit the Mirth" greeting cards at
The inside of the card said it all:
"There's no denying it's your birthday....
hoop, hoop hooray!"

Happy Birthday, T.  We love you, 33.

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