Monday, June 4, 2012

Off to the Races

This weekend, we became race fans.

Winston-Salem is home to Bowman Gray Stadium, NASCAR's very first weekly track, started in 1949.  This weekend we made the trip over to Bowman Gray to take in the action.  We had so much fun!  The track is only a quarter mile and the racing involves both modifieds and stock cars.  The drivers are treated like home-town heros.  E-Bear and G-Bear were so excited to meet real race car drivers during the autograph session before the races.  We enjoyed shaking hands with the drivers, getting their autograph cards, admiring at their helmets and their cars.  

Having never been to a car race before, I was impressed by the sound.  The roar of the engines was INTENSE!  Thank goodness some friends sent us with earplugs :)  

The kids were mesmerized.  Even Buddy Bear sat still on my lap (so rare these days) during the races.  G-Bear was quite concerned when the cars bumped into each other.  We agreed that we were glad the drivers wore so much safety gear, especially their helmets.  "Just like we wear our helmets when we ride our bikes, Mom," commented E-Bear.  "That way, my head will stay really safe too."  If you can't tell, we are big on safety in our house! 

Our night at the races was gorgeous.  What a treat.  Hopefully, we'll be back.


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