Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playground Progress

Summer is approaching full swing around here.  That means we are becoming playground pros once again.  We're dusting off the swings, slides and play structures all around our city.  Best of all, we're having a great time!

While this post may seem boring to read right now, I try to document our playground progress at the beginning and end of each summer.  Even now, as I nostalgically look back over two summers of blog posts, I am amazed at the development and milestone leaps I see in each of my kids.  The summers fly by so quickly, and I love the chance to reminisce about where they were and the foreshadowing of where they'll be someday!

G-Bear has impressed T and me by tackling the monkey bars.  Last night she did them all by herself, with a look of great focus, determination and pride on her face.  She is also pumping her own swing!  E-Bear also rides a big kid swing and braves nearly every slide without fear.  Buddy Bear isn't walking yet, but that doesn't stop him from going down the little slides by himself!  He just crawls over, turns around and goes down on his belly.  You should see him clap for himself when he gets down to the bottom of the slide! I couldn't believe it the first time I watched him.

I am a staunch defender of summer and the change of pace and freedom it brings to our children's lives.   , What a blessing it is to build on these playground milestones together.

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