Saturday, September 29, 2012

Size doesn't always matter, but relationships always do

We are pretty settled into our new house.  We feel so fortunate to live where we do, with lots of extra space to run around, play and be together.

Today as we were going out together, T asked G-Bear and E-Bear, 
"How do you like our new house, you guys?"

E-Bear replied,
"I liked our blue house better, where we could go and visit Mr. Gary every afternoon."

Now, we certainly are blessed here in Minnesota with MoMo, Papa, GG, Uncle Charlie, Aunty Cindy and many other dear family members nearby.  We often highlight those blessings together as we adore our new surroundings.  I thought it was sweet, though, that to E-Bear, the most meaningful part of "home" is the relationships, not the extra space.

Sweet North Carolina friends, you are greatly missed by our Minnesota crew.

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