Friday, September 7, 2012

G-Bear's First Day of Kindergarten

It is hard to believe that we have a Kindergartener in our midst.  Dressed neatly in her new school jumper and hair bows, G-Bear was walking on air this week for her first day of school.  While she admitted to MoMo that she was a *tiny* bit nervous, her nervousness didn't show as she ventured into her new school for the first time.

On Wednesday, T and I joined G-Bear for her Kindergarten orientation with her teacher and classmates in their new classroom.

G-Bear set right to work.  She and her classmates made Kindergarten look like a piece of cake!  She was proud to show us her artwork at the end of orientation and declared that she was "very excited" for her first day the next morning.

G-Bear hard at work during orientation.
 Thursday morning was almost a magical time.  MoMo and Papa were in tow to see G-Bear off at her new school.  All the kids line up on the plaza to enter into school together.  As the Kinders walked in with their classmates, all of the older students, parents and teachers erupted into applause.  It brought tears to my eyes!  Fortunately, I held those tears back, because our sweet girl turned to give us a long wave just as she walked into the building.  What a blessing that T was standing elsewhere and could get a great picture!  Then, off she scampered to have a great time.

G-Bear waving to us as she walked into school.
It will take me a while to get used to the new quiet in the house when G-Bear is at school.  Today, E-Bear said to T, "Dad, do you know who I like to play with the most?  G-Bear."  We will all be missing each other a little bit more these days.  Thank goodness that Kindergarten is only half-day!  Our pre-lunch, after-school reunions are super sweet.
G-Bear and E-Bear after the first day of school.
So, after two days down, we have a school year to go.  May God bless this school year, our learning, our friendships, and each of the days to come.

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