Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, MoMo

Happy Birthday, MoMo!

Tonight, thanks to MoMo, we held the first birthday celebration in our new house.  
We felt so flattered to host our very gracious guests! 

E-Bear and G-Bear were in charge of frosting the cake.  They did a great job!  

We treated MoMo to dinner on the lawn, complete with a mishmash of birthday decorations:  first birthday lanterns, birthday murals courtesy of G-Bear and E-Bear, and giant flower plumes made of packing paper (we have plenty).  T made appetizer popcorn and sweet tea, plucked flowers from our garden and turned on the oldies tunes.   Pretty nice! 

The birthday girl was radiant as always.   She was even gracious enough to let her grandchildren help blow out her candles (their reward for making such a great cake!). 

We love you MoMo!  What a treat it was to all be together for your birthday.

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