Tuesday, September 4, 2012

E-Bear's First Day of Preschool!

Hip, hip hooray, 
E-Bear's first day of preschool was today!

E-Bear's first day of preschool 2012
It's that time again!  The day after Labor Day so often marks the beginning of a new school year in Minnesota.  Today, we are celebrating E-Bear's first day of his new preschool!  Today was a real treat for us in many ways.

We are all so excited for E-Bear.
 Papa and MoMo came over to join in the send-off festivities and the obligatory front step photo shoot.

E-Bear and Papa

Then we all jumped in the car to drop our superman off at school.  Just like his sister before him, E-Bear raced to the front door.  We were left in his dust.  Even his sister could barely keep up!

E-Bear racing with G-Bear to his first day of school.
 E-Bear wasted no time getting into the routine.  G-Bear helped E-Bear find his backpack hook,

 he hunted down his hoot owl name badge,

 and made sure to give us all hugs goodbye before heading off to play.

The verdict at the end of the day?  "Great!"

Happy first day of preschool, E-Bear.  We are so proud of the little gentleman you have become, your enthusiasm and delight in learning and life.  May God bless us with a great school year!


Buck said...

Welcome back!! Where are you guys living, and more importantly, when can we have a playdate?? Would love to see you guys again and Julia would certainly be more social than she was a year ago. :) Email me!

B-Mama said...

Great to see all the smiles! Love it! Hope E loves school like we know he will!!