Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Fair Fun 2012

Nothing helps our family get ready for fall like the Minnesota State Fair!

After reluctantly missing the Fair last year due to our cross country move, we were back in force for 2012.  Thanks to MoMo and Papa, who coordinated so much of the festivities, to Uncle C, and to Uncle T and Aunt K, who brought the cousins to share in the fun-on-a-stick.  

MoMo and Papa were thrilled to have their whole crew in tow!

We couldn't visit the Swine Barn this year because of the dangers of Swine Flu, but we had a great time mooing in the Cow Barn, watching the horse shows at the Coliseum, climbing the tractors on Machinery Hill and, of course, riding the rides at the Kidway.

E-Bear loved the bouncing tractors,

everyone loved the Dora swings,

Cousin H and Uncle T drove circles around the other drivers,

Aunt K and Cousin T hitched a ride on a tractor,

and before the day was over, G-Bear convinced her dad to join her on the whirling beetle bugs!

Buddy Bear liked his ride the best.  It came with a nice view of the Fair!

Perhaps you can tell that we spent more time riding rides this year than in years past.  I guess we have hit that stage!  *Sigh.*  Not that I am anti-rides, but I still hope for a day when my Bears are excited to join me in the Education, Ecology and Home Improvement buildings.  Ha!

Of course we nibbled some treats throughout the day, despite the heat and crowds.  There is nothing like a Pronto Pup at the Fair, right Cousin T?

It was another great year at the Minnesota State Fair!  Until next year.....

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