Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All things considered...

On the eve of T's greatly hailed return home, I must reflect that, all things considered, we've done pretty well the past two weeks.

T departed two weeks ago to return to North Carolina for a brief stint of practice preparation.  For two whole weeks leading up to that point, we had been spoiled by his glorious omnipresence.  The kids and I thrive with T around and we miss him so whenever he is away, so naturally it was hard to say goodbye.

The Bears and I have been tough, though, working to establish our routine and make our days productive and fun even though Dad can't be around.  Some days are certainly better than others, as would be expected, and many nights we all collapse together into a heap.

But there was this one morning.....

Buddy Bear woke up, chipper as usual. I got him out of his crib and let him waddle around the room in his sleep sack while I finished getting ready for the day, until I noticed that his sleep sack was soaking wet.  Before he knew it, I had swept him off his feet to check his sack for the offending cause.  With the sleep sack off, it was evident something was wrong.  His whole pj onesie was filled with poop -- and no diaper.  Our little man had been put to bed with a onesie snapped over his naked little rear end! Poor dude!  Yet, he awoke chipper as ever.  I think there are several lessons for me in there somewhere.

It might be especially incriminating to note that I later noticed his unfolded diaper, ready to be applied, lying on the floor next to the bed where I had left it the night before.

Like I said, we've done pretty well, but maybe not awesome.

Thank goodness, T will be home soon!

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