Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Delivery

G-Bear seems to love Kindergarten.  We are only four days in, but she has handled the transition beautifully.  Despite the early (by our standards) 6:50am wake ups, she bounds out of bed, enthusiastically dresses in her new uniform and waits patiently while I do her hair.  She races to her class line on the plaza, and waves goodbye with gusto when the bell rings.  When we pick her up at lunchtime, she greets her brothers with hugs and excitedly tells us about the parts of her day that she can remember.

I am so happy for G-Bear, but I miss her terribly.  I look so forward to picking her up from school each day.  Of the two of us, I am having a much harder time with the transition.  Sweet G-Bear always has a knack for making others feel better, though.  Yesterday, as we arrived home, I said,
"G-Bear, it is so nice to have you home.  I missed you!"
To which our sweet girl replied with a grin and a twinkle in her eye,
"Mommy, you remember my secret, don't you?  I really miss you guys too while I am at school!"
Then she pulled out this envelope from her backpack and gave it to me.
She made a picture for me during free time and sounded out the words for the envelope by herself.

"Mommy Delivery" by G-Bear
Many moments of motherhood bring tears to my eyes.  Several of them have presented this past week alone.  If we do our job well, we are not just raising children, we are raising adults; compassionate, caring, loving, gracious adults at that.  These misty-eye moments that come when our kids move another tiny step along their journey need not be moments of sadness, but are signs of hard-fought progress, a piece of the job well done.  

Thanks to G-Bear for the Special Delivery.  It was just the pick-me-up that I needed.

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B-Mama said...

This is so precious! What a sweet little girl you are raising. She's a chip of the mama block, for sure!