Monday, September 10, 2012

A First Haircut for Buddy Bear

Just look at those curls.

Some people spend a lot of money to get their hair to curl like that.

Sad to say, those curls were making it hard for Buddy Bear to see.

'Seriously, Mom and Dad, I can't see over here.'

 So, this past week, we paid someone to cut them off. 
 After all, big brother and sister shouldn't be the only ones celebrating big firsts. :)
*Sigh.*  Good-bye, curls.

The stylist made quick work of Buddy Bear's locks.  Her hands were flying!  But, there were no tears or fears from Buddy Bear.  He was dialed into Elmo the whole time.

Pretty soon, our little buddy could see again.

All done!  We couldn't believe how different and how grown up he looked.  He seemed truly pleased with himself.

The best part was getting to pick out a lollypop of his own.  He even shared a few with his brother and sister.

We couldn't get him to take the lolly out of his mouth to take an after-haircut photo!  He and that lolly were stuck like glue.  It was a well earned treat, to be sure.

Great job, Buddy Bear! 

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh I miss those curls. He looks fantastic. Hope you guys are doing well. We spoke of your family just this week, the Briarleigh Park crew. We said how much we miss you guys and how our afternoons just aren't the same anymore. Still thinking of coming up this winter to do some Christmas shopping and seeing you guys. Will keep you informed.

Gary :)