Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daybook October 2012

Outside my window...The air is crisp, the lawn is covered with leaves and the wind is blowing through the trees.  Hellllllloooooo, October!  We've been off the blog for over a week, had a wonderful family vacation together before T starts his new job, and have lots of catching up to do. A Daybook entry seems the perfect way to welcome a new month and get back in the swing of things!  As always, thanks to The Simple Woman's Daybook for the inspiration.

I am thankful...for our awesome week away as a family last week.  Spur of the moment, we found  last minute deals for Disney World and made a last minute trip.  It was so worth the effort to go back.  What a great way it was to cherish our second-to-last-week before T starts his new job!  We finished our trip with a Princeton wedding, celebrating with many longtime friends.  There were so many blessings to celebrate from one week, and there are plenty more stories to come.

In the kitchen...we have butternut squash, pumpkins and potatoes from our friends' farm.  What a blessing it is to share in their bounty!  I can't wait to make soup.

I am puffy, black, winter vest already.  We've already had our first freezing nights (enough to kill the basil), and even the days have quite a nip in the air!  Ahhh, Minnesota!  To be honest, I actually missed my winter clothes, much as I never thought I would.  The colder weather is refreshing.

I am creating...parmesan potato fries with the kids for dinner.  E-Bear dipped the cut potatoes in the flour, then G-Bear dipped them in the egg, and I finished the assembly line by dipping them into the bread crumbs and putting them on the tray.  We had so much fun, and they came together so much faster than if I had done them myself.  These two are becoming quite the cooking enthusiasts, and is so wonderful to have helpers in the kitchen.

I am the Dodge Nature Center with E-Bear's class this week.  I find the family's story and the generous use of their land so inspiring.  We'll be picking apples from the orchard, watching the wild turkeys roam the fields and making cider with the apples we pick.  What fun!

I am wondering...what our life is going to look like here, even as it begins to take shape.  This fall is the start of so many new phases for us, and I find myself praying earnestly for God's guidance as we get to know a new city, a new school, a new job, a new path, a new parish.  

I am reading...
the thoughts of a friend on his new blog, Pregnant Pauses.  It's worth a look and an occasional read.

I am hoping...for a great first week of work for T next week.  It is overwhelming to start any first time job, especially as a physician.  He is blessed with a welcoming work group and an enthusiastic heart for patients, which I know will serve him well.  We'll be here to help him take things one day at a time.

I am looking forward to...praying another novena prayer next week thanks to John Paul at Praying More Novenas.  I have never known many novena prayers, nor considered meaningful times to pray them throughout the liturgical year.  I have loved getting periodic email reminders of seasonal novenas, as well as having the chance to join in prayer with thousands of other prayer warriors.  Praying More Novenas is worth checking out.

I am learning...what it means to be the mom of a Kindergartener, how to encourage brotherly playtime without big sister around, as well as how to make the best use of my little free time within our new schedule.  

Around the house...the clean clothes from the kids' closet are neatly hung up all around the living room, the product of G-Bear's hard work and diligence this afternoon.  She wanted to play "Store" with me when she got home from school, but I had a meeting and we didn't get to play.  Thus, the clothes continue to adorn our main floor, and I vowed we will play tomorrow.  I love my sweet girl's imagination and enthusiasm, and I love to be invited.

I am to help our family pursue and celebrate our faith in the upcoming Year of Faith, beginning Thursday.  The coming year is a great opportunity to focus, in a special way, on the blessings and specifics of our faith.  I also appreciate the encouragement to examine my faith and ways to live it out more completely and authentically.  Lord Jesus, give us hearts to love you more and faithfulness to live out that love in our lives!

A favorite quote for today... 

"Mommy, is this for real life?" 
~E-Bear, after T told the kids that we were on the way to the airport to go to Disney World.

One of my favorite the way Buddy Bear grabs T and me at the knees and buries his head in our legs.  As a bonus, he also gives sweet hugs and kisses these days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: celebrating the beginning of the Year of Faith on Thursdayleaf raking, shopping for clothes in our living room ;), school picture days, and October decorating.

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