Monday, October 15, 2012

We love Disney

The magic of Disney was calling.   

Meeting with Cinderella

We couldn't stay away.  

Enjoying the newly re-opened Dumbo

Thank goodness we didn't.

Smiling with Tigger and Pooh in Christopher Robin's room

Yes, friends, we made our return to Disney World.  We know, we might be addicted.  

Thanks to a friend's wedding, T's late start date at work, an understanding Kindergarten teacher, and some super, off-season Disney deals, we were able to steal away on a last-minute Disney vacation.  What a great way to spend a week following T's return from North Carolina!

Compared to Minnesota, it was H.O.T. in Florida.  We were sweaty messes in the humid heat, but it made for some awesome afternoons by the pool.

The weather also made water rides seem like a huge treat.  The kids rode Kali Rapids three times before finally convincing me to take the plunge with them.

Can you tell that I was so glad I did? 

Thanks to some great Disney deals, our dining plan was free (see why we love Disney in the off season?).  We enjoyed breakfast at the Main Street Bakery, and the Bears munched on coffee cake while we watched the morning parade.

Breakfast at the Magic Kingdom
We also enjoyed a night at the wonderful Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian.  The hula dancers were truly professionals and so, so impressive.  The food was fantastic too.  We would definitely do it again.  E-Bear was especially impressed by the super-strong, fire-wielding hula men.  His pose after the show says it all.

After the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

As you can tell, we enjoyed hanging with the local celebrities, who always manage to make the kids feel like celebrities themselves. 

 Rapunzel, one of the many stars of our show, even took the time to braid G-Bear's hair.  

Rapunzel braided G-Bear's hair.
It was a truly magical moment for our princess-admiring G-Bear.  You better believe that braid stayed in for a few days.

We were so grateful that MoMo agreed to join our craziness for the trip.  While sleeping six in our hotel room seemed a bit ambitious at the outset, it turned out that we all collapsed in a heap at the end of each day.  Everyone slept like champs.  We were also glad to have her with us, as G-Bear and E-Bear were really excited to ride some of the bigger rides this time.  Thankfully, MoMo was willing to keep Buddy Bear company while we tackled the roller coasters and larger rides.

Over the course of our Disney days, we soaked up the snuggles, and found friends both old and new at every turn.  We'll always be grateful for moments like these.

Hanging with friends Woody and Jessie in Frontier Land.

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B-Mama said...

You all are so impressive! I'm so happy you had such a great time again... WOW!! You totally inspire. xox