Thursday, October 18, 2012

From my garage hideaway

Today, I was fortunate to have a babysitter come and play with the boys for two and a half hours while G-Bear was at school.  My To-Do list has grown out of control over the past few weeks, and I had demonstrated a sufficient inability to tackle it during either waking or sleeping hours.  Two and a half hours to myself would be precious as gold.  I was determined to make the most of it.

As I snuck out of the house, I contemplated where to stage my To-Do list attack.  Admittedly, I should have planned a location the night before, or at the very least before my feet crossed (unaccompanied, whoo hoo!) across the threshold of our house.  Mea culpa.  In any event, with much to accomplish, I needed four things:  a dry seat (it had started to rain outside), my phone, my computer and an electrical outlet (because, of course, my computer battery was about out of juice.  Perhaps a bit of forethought would have helped here too?).

Here is where the story starts to get ridiculous.

By this point, I had made it to the garage, and, impatient that I hadn't yet made a decision about where to locate, compared the venue finalists in my head.

The University within walking distance?
Veto.  Threat of rain too great.  Can't get the electronics wet.
The Panera within driving distance?
Veto.  I am too cheap to pay for a bagel, and I already had breakfast.
Okay, how about sitting in the car and working until you decide where to go?
Veto.  The car has a dry seat but no electrical outlet.  I must have an outlet.

I groaned with exasperation over my indecision.  I had already wasted 2 minutes of my precious 150 in this argument with myself.  It was time to take action.

That's when I spotted it:  the large blue cooler in the corner of our garage.  The garage door was open and the incoming daylight reflected off of it like a homing beacon.  On the wall above the cooler was an outlet.  Eureka.

So that's how I spent my glorious babysitter morning, folks:  sitting on a cooler in the corner of my garage, the computer on my lap plugged into the garage wall, typing away like a hermit hiding from civilization.  I am proud to say I have at least three crossed-off, To-Do list items to show for it.

I would feel more ashamed, accept for the fact that when my sister heard about my ridiculousness she confessed that she too had a babysitter come over this morning and while I was hiding in our garage, she was trying to hide under her covers in her bedroom.  Ahhh, at least I'm not alone.

This may be a sign that I should hire a babysitter more often.  Or, at the very least, fish around in my car for a spare $0.89 and by a bagel at Panera next time.

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