Saturday, October 20, 2012

MEA musings

The Minnesota MEA vacation is arguably my favorite school holiday of the year.  A five-day weekend in mid-October is heavenly. Since there are no family or social expectations for how we spend our days away from school, we get to take them at our own pace and spend them however we choose.  What a rare treat!

This year we have enjoyed:

a weekday pancake breakfast,
a "pj day," as requested by G-Bear,
two trips to the YMCA swimming pool,
a dinner out with GG to celebrate T's first week of work,
two mornings of coloring and arts & crafts around the dining room table,
an episode of Sesame Street,
an afternoon story time marathon,
an afternoon game of Sequence,
making pumpkin muffins with Daddy,
and a family dinner party with new friends down the street.

We still have two days to go!  Three cheers for days off from school, the opportunities for family time that they offer, and making the most of the time together.

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