Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween (or any holiday) Treat Sorting

Happy Halloween!

E-Bear had a great time making treat bags for his preschool Halloween party yesterday.  Our concept was nothing super original, but it was simple enough that he could do it almost entirely himself.  It was a great sorting activity, and it gave him a huge sense of accomplishment.  He was so proud to bring in his bag of treats to share with his friends today! 

Sitting with him as he worked on his task, I realized that this concept can be adapted for almost any holiday or treat-inspiring activity.  We will surely to do this again.  

(Equal numbers of:)
Mini paper muffin baking cups
4-5 types of mini candies in different shapes or colors
plastic wrap or plastic baggies

First, I helped E-Bear set out the correct number of muffin cups for the number of treats we needed.  
Next, we counted out equal numbers of the four candies we would be using and placed them in a big pile.  
We used:
candy pumpkins
candy corn in two colors, chocolate and original
miniature tootsie rolls

Then, it was time to sort!  E-Bear put one of each type of candy in each muffin cup until he had used up all the candy.  He did a great job!

Once the muffin cups were filled, E-Bear put each cup into a bag.  I helped him fold over the top and he put on the sticker.  Mission accomplished!

We were careful to save a few candies to enjoy together in celebration.  Our favorites were the candy pumpkins!

Happy treating!

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