Thursday, November 1, 2012

These Hallowed Days

Happy Halloween and a blessed All Saints' Day!
These days have been wild, in the best possible ways.

We have had a wonderful time taking in both holidays.  E-Bear and G-Bear have worn their Halloween costumes for most of the week, and anticipation has been mounting for days.  Yesterday, G-Bear was able to wear her Rapunzel dress to school, complete with ribbons and flowers in her braided hair.  Not to be outdone, the boys wore costumes all day as we ran errands.  We were a sight walking home together after picking up G-Bear.

We continued our tradition of meeting at MoMo & Papa's house for trick-or-treating.  As Papa said last night, "not much has changed about Halloween over the past 30 years in this neighborhood," and that is a good thing. The treaters are plentiful, the decorations festive, and the houses close enough together for even the littlest tikes to join in the fun.

This was definitely our boldest treating year yet.  We made it up and down two whole blocks!  G-Bear and E-Bear ran their hearts out (they didn't wear coats and never once complained about the cold).  G-Bear would squeal in delight to E-Bear,
"E-Bear, isn't trick-o-treating fun??!"

Buddy Bear was so excited to get a few treats that he clutched his little paper bag to his chest as T carried him around the block.  He was so eager and willing to toddle up to the door and hold out his bag for a treat.  He was so careful to sign a big 'thank-you' before turning to leave.  We didn't quite get him in the traditional 1 year old pumpkin suit for pictures.  I thought he made a pretty cute "X-Ray" in his skeleton pjs!

Buddy Bear was so excited to show off his treat bag.
G-Bear counted 89 pieces of candy when we got home.  Heavens, what will we do with all of it?  

As always, MoMo and Papa's pumpkin was the largest on the block.  It's smile was just as inviting and joyful as ever (perhaps why they always get so many treaters?).

"The bright Jack-o-lantern with it's friendly, big grin reminds us God's love is a light from within."
~From P is for Pumpkin: God's Harvest Alphabet by Kathy-Jo Wargin


We may have been up late, but we were up early this morning with more to celebrate:  
Happy All Saints' Day!

This morning, Buddy Bear and I watched as G-Bear processed with her fellow Kinders as the 'March of Saints' in her All Saints' Day all-school Mass.  Each Kinder wore a saint hat with their name on it.  It was a beautiful  reminder that God calls all of us to join in the march of faith toward sainthood.  I teared up just watching them!

Tonight we hosted MoMo and Papa for an All Saints' Day dinner party!  We decorated the dining room with pictures of the saints, and everyone got their own "saintly" name card.  My favorite decorations were the Mandy Groce "Armor of God" paper dolls, made by E-Bear and G-Bear.   We made them a few weeks ago as part of our Year of Faith craft & learning time, but they were perfect decorations for our table tonight.  We need to put on the Armor of God in our daily walk of faith toward sainthood!

For dessert we had apple spice cake with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Everyone got a piece with their own candle, and we sang "This Little Light of Mine" before blowing them out.  Delicious!

Our table was full for All Saints' Day.
Tonight was truly a celebration.  We are so grateful for these joyful moments together.

Blessings to you on these All Saints' and All Souls' Days.

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