Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grocery Shopping with Buddy Bear

This weekend, T took the kids grocery shopping while I was at a conference.

As they walked into the grocery store, Buddy Bear made a b-line for the cereal aisle.  He plucked a box of bite-sized maple-sugar shredded wheats off the shelf and clutched it to his chest.

Buddy Bear walked around, clutching that box to his chest, for the rest of the shopping trip.  He has become quite the intrepid shopper!  T made the wise choice to buy that box of cereal, regardless of how many breakfast choices we had at home.  He was barely able to pry it out of Buddy Bear's hands to pay for it at the check-out counter.

Thanks to Buddy Bear, we have plenty of shredded wheats for the week.  I am glad he voiced his preference so clearly!   And, kudos to T for manning the weekend shopping trip.

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