Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New life in a new house

 Welcome to our new home!
We'd like to give you a tour of our space.  We are so grateful for it.

We'll greet you in the living room when you arrive.  With our new IKEA lights, it is quite cozy!
The french doors open into the playroom,

which is where you are likely to find the bears.
There is lots of learning and playing to be done in here!

If it is time for a meal, or arts & crafts, we'll lead you to the dining room, right off of the living room.
Here, the bears are often hard at work.

The sliding glass door lead from the dining room to the porch.  From there, you can see our backyard, freshly raked by G-Bear and E-Bear.  The cars are tucked in the garage, leading to the alley.  What a treat to have the cars undercover!

Come back in, and you can leave your shoes on the mat by the backdoor.  Then, come into the kitchen.

I love the south-facing windows that look out into the backyard.  
I can watch the kids playing outside while I cook.  

Behold, our breakfast nook, lunch spot, work desk, playdough center and otherwise all-purpose kitchen counter.  Many nights, we just squeeze together on the stools and eat dinner here too!  The bathroom location is also quite handy.

Time for a look upstairs.
G-Bear said she didn't like the stairs at first.  Too much "up and down for me, Mom," she said.
I think they are lovely.

We'll show you the bathroom where you can freshen up,

and then we'll move down the hallway.

You'll find our room first.  I love the color of the walls, so soothing.  We use the walk in closet as our nursery, which Buddy Bear considers palatial (compared to his bathroom bedroom in our apartment!).

Down the hall is the guest room.  There's not much to look at.  The bed doesn't yet have mattress, and you can see that I am still comparing a duvet cover to see if it matches the walls.  Nana, I promise it will be up, running and super cozy in time for a visit from you!

The bears will be excited to show you the new bunk beds in their room.  They also have a nice reading spot, thanks to the lantern light and rug from our trip to Ikea.  It suits Spiderman quite well, don't you think?

Last but not least, we can take you downstairs to show you the basement, or "Kid's Club," as the bears like to call it.  They assure us that adults are allowed, as long as they are friends.  It's the perfect place to let out some steam!

Thanks for visiting.  We hope to see you soon!  


B-Mama said...

We love the new digs and are SO happy for you all! You mustn't know what to do with all that great space!! xox

A said...

Your house is adorable! I love the living room with the french doors to the play area. I can see y'all making lots of wonderful memories there!

SnoWhite said...

Love the house!!! Looks like a great space for you.