Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soccer Girl

G-Bear has loved her "Soccer School" this year.

Next week is G-Bear's final soccer game (there have only been six).  Once a week, she has enjoyed a half hour practice followed by a half hour game against another team.   The park & rec setting has been perfect for us.

I love the enthusiasm and excitement with which G-Bear joins her teammates on the field.  I can see her smile beaming from across the field.  She always has a joyful high-five ready for her coaches.  She also has two enthusiastic brothers cheering her on from the sidelines.

Over the course of her "season," G-Bear is learning the concepts of offense and defense (we try to review them on our way to every is easy to get confused when the coaches are using all these new words!), passing and kicking skills, and above all, teamwork.  "I didn't get a goal tonight, Mommy," she has pointed out on numerous occasions.  "That's okay," I say, and then we review how well her team played together and how each person has a different role on a team, not everyone is supposed to score the goal.

A hearty thanks to G-Bear for ushering us, ever so gently, into our first organized sport experience.  T and I both loved organized sports growing up, and it is exciting to see our kids having fun both cheering and playing in the low-key environment.  Let the journey begin!

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