Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Unexpected

Yesterday proved there is nothing like the unexpected to keep you on your toes.

7am: G-Bear and I enjoy breakfast together before I head out to my outpatient orientation.  What an unexpected treat to get to start the day with my bright-eyed, "what-do-you-mean-Daylight-Savings-Time," three year old.  As I walk out the door, I remember that I accidently left my diaper backpack and wallet in the church pew on Sunday.  Bummer.  Mental note that I will need to get that back soon.

10:30am: Wow!  Orientation finishes shockingly early.  It's an amazing November day, and I will be back before lunch time.  Unexpectedly, I have the whole day to look forward to with my Bears! 

10:45am:  Arrive home.  The Amazing Miss R has some unfortunate news.  E-Bear threw up all over himself in bed this morning.  He was covered, the wall is covered, his bedding and blanket and teddy are covered, and worst of all, his new cast is covered in VOMIT!  

10:46am:  Take a deep breath.  Take another deep breath.  God gave you this short orientation for a reason today. 

10:47am: Find the phone number for the Children's Hospital.  The Casting Room can see E-Bear, but we may have to wait a long time because they are busy today.  And, we will need my wallet for check-in.  ARGH!  Now we MUST go get that backpack!

10:49am: The kids are still watching Sesame Street downstairs with Miss R.  I have exactly 10 minutes to pack all bags, throw all E-Bear's bedding, pillow and teddy in the wash, scrub the wall, pack 3 picnic lunches, make 3 phone calls to schedule doctor appointments for myself, and find the car keys.  

10:59am:  Praise the Lord.  The wash is in, appointments made, bags are packed, lunches made, wall scrubbed and Sesame Street is ending.  The kids are in a great mood.

11:15am: We pull out of the driveway.  Not to enjoy the activities I had daydreamed about on my way home, but we are together and ready for the adventure.

11:30am:  At the church.  Praise the Lord.  My backpack and wallet are safe and sound. We are off to the hospital.

12:30am:  Picnic peanut butter sandwiches and pears, anyone?  The kids and I enjoy our picnic lunch in the hospital waiting room.

1:00pm:  Hooray!  No new cast for E-Bear!  Just a brisk, metal brush scrubbing and a new layer of padding for under his toes.  We sit on the table together and watch "Elmo in Grouchland" while E-Bear gets his buff-and-shine treatment.  

1:45pm:  Trader Joe's anyone?  This calls for a quick grocery stop, some stickers at check-out, and a yogurt treat for everyone. 

2:15pm:  Realize as we drive by G-Bear's school that I haven't signed up for Teacher Conferences.  Quick detour!  There is ONE SPOT LEFT for Teacher Conferences.  Hallelujah!  Off the list.

3:00pm:  Arrive home, all are exhausted.  Story time and naps for everyone.   Except me, I have studying to do.

4:45pm:  Everybody up!  T will be late tonight.  We have just enough time before bedtime to ride bikes, make dinner, eat dinner, take baths (sponge bath for E-Bear) and enjoy a Halloween treat.  

8:00pm: Bedtime.  Collapse in bed and wait for T.  


SnoWhite said...

wow -- what a day! Praise God He sustained you.

B-Mama said...

You are amazing! This is an impressive day... To top it off, I'm sure you did it all with poise and grace as you always live life. Way to go!!!