Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surgery for the Soul

The past three weeks on my dermatology rotation, I performed dozens of skin checks screening patients for skin cancer.  When skin cancer is detected, often the best course of action is expeditious surgical removal of the cancerous tissue, or it could spread and destroy other areas of the body.  Even though many patients have a scar in the place where their cancer was removed, they consider it very little compared to the relief of having the cancer gone.

I reflected this week on how these same principles apply to my life, to my soul.  I need to do a thorough job of examining my life for "cancerous" habits, behaviors, thoughts or wants that are leading me away from God.  If not, such bad habits might spread, perhaps even hurt other areas of my life, cause damage and become even more entrenched.  If I do reflect on myself and find such "dark spots," am I willing to "cut" them out, give them up, turn my back, change my ways?  Am I willing to turn the dark spots of my soul over to God for renewal and redemption?  Or am I too resentful at the idea of a scar being left behind that I cling the cancers in my life?  

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Catie and Ken said...

I like this, B! Thanks for the good reflection.

I've been popping in and out of your blog for a while, and have enjoyed reading it! Congratulations on the third one on the way!!! ~catie