Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Tribute to Brunch

Today, we celebrate.

We are together as a family.

T is done with his last In-Training Exam.
(Note: Despite having to take the exam TWICE yesterday.  Seriously, horror of horrors, the testing software crashed 10 questions before the end of the six hour exam.  He had to start the exam over, from the beginning, no answers saved.  Instead of persevering for six hours, he had to persevere for thirteen. Hours. )

It is Sunday.

Our wonderful Nana offered to treat us to a celebration meal this weekend to help us unwind and celebrate.  It is always a treat for us to get to eat out.  This time, however, we decided to forego a dinner out and chose to enjoy a Sunday Brunch instead.  This was a treat worth remembering.

For some reason, when I think of celebratory meals, dinner almost always come to mind.  What a shame, I have been missing out!  I have decided, after today, that brunch surpasses all for the celebratory occasion.  Especially on a Sunday.  Especially for a family with young children.  Here are my reasons:

Ah, Dinner out.  To preface, I do love a good dinner out.  But if it's Friday or Saturday, better get a reservation.  There are often long waits, the restaurants are packed.  With our crew, the timing never seems to be quite right.  No matter how good the naps, toddlers never seem to have an attention span to linger over dinner.  Mine become squirrelly before the bread basket arrives.  Their meal always comes before ours, and they are finished and tired of sitting by the time my meal comes.  I consider my children well-behaved enough to bring along to restaurants, but the meal rarely ends up being relaxing or carefree.  In the end, we are either racing home to bed time or keeping them up way too late.

Brunch today, on the other hand, was a completely different experience.  Is there something magical about Sunday Brunch?  Right after early morning church, the kids are hungry and in the prime of their day.  We called ahead to the restaurant, "no need for a reservation," was the reply.  Even at a nice restaurant with an elegant Sunday Brunch Buffet, we walked right in to lovely table.  Far better than menus and bread basket distractions, the buffet was out for us to peruse.  A set price for adults, another for children, and those under 3 are free.  

While the price certainly makes the meal a treat, the choices are amazing, many made to order, and it counted for two of our meals today (two less for me to prepare on a Sunday!) along with drinks and desserts, which were included.  My kids LOVED watching the omelet preparation, viewing the food tables, getting to sample little bites of their choices, and going back for their favorites.  

The combination of the late-morning timing, hungry tummies (my kids always eat better at breakfast and lunch), and pleasant atmosphere led to hours of lingering over the meal together: a rare blessing.  Cozy with stuffed bellies on our way home, precious eyelids were drooping in the back seats, perfect preparation for naptime.  

Our Sunday Brunch set the stage for a perfect, lazy afternoon at home.  A true celebration, and just what we needed.

Thanks to God for this feast day, Nana, Enjoy! Restaurant, and those who served us, making it all possible.  Next time, think brunch.


SnoWhite said...

oh... what a blessing! Glad T survived -- Praise God for sustaining him.

we've been transitioning to brunch on Sundays recently; we used to go to church on Saturday nights, which meant we could do a lazy Sunday morning. now, with church on Sundays, we have a quick little something before church and come home for a nice brunch! Not only is it a great way to spend a Sunday, but we also then have lots of leftover breakfast foods for the week :)

Jennifer said...

Poor, poor T! That is definitely a horror story. But glad it's one in the past!

There is a fabulous brunch restaurant here which I totally give credit for convincing me to move to Cleveland! Yummy!

Luke and Jen said...

OH NO! Poor Todd. I would have cried...