Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

G-Bear was raring to go this morning at 7:16am:

"Is it Thanksgiving yet, Mommy?"

Yes, sweetie, it is Thanksgiving.

"Today?! Right now?!"

I am happy to report that it is indeed Thanksgiving, right now.  We also finished our Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers, and a fully-plumbed turkey is now taped to the window next to our breakfast table.  Here are the thanksgivings that decorate our turkey feathers, as shared this week by E-Bear and G-Bear:

G-Bear: I am thankful for....Pears and apples!
E-Bear: I am thankful for....Kisses!

G-Bear: I am thankful for....Trees and Mommy and Daddy!
E-Bear: I am thankful for....Cheese!
G-Bear: ...and G-Bear and E-Bear!

G-Bear: I am thankful for....balloons and gummies and fingers, knees and toes!
E-Bear: I am thankful for....cups and milk and poopy and lollypops!

Happy Thanksgiving from Happily Ever Johnson Land!

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