Saturday, November 20, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 8...

"Gooooooooo, Bama!"  ~E-Bear, a shaker in each hand, cheering the loudest of all of us for his dad's favorite team.  Enough to make a grown 'Tide fan cry.

Me: "G-Bear, next week is Thanksgiving.  We will get to eat lots of food as a family and tell Jesus what we are thankful for.  Do you have anything that you are thankful for?"
G-Bear:  "Um, I am fankful for taking the bus with mom to the Minnesota State Fair and going on the train and riding the horsies at the mall."
Me (realizing that G-Bear was describing our State Fair trips and Mall of America carousel rides):  "Gosh, G-Bear, what great things to be thankful for!  It would be fun to do some of those things again sometimes, uh?"
G-Bear: "Yeah, but we need daddy to come so that we can wave to his from the horsies.  Otherwise there is no one to wave to."

"Mommy, cooooome heeeeeeere!  I need you."  ~E-Bear, an oft-heard request these days.

"Mommy, do you know my true love?  It's my heart in my chest.  And sometimes it is sooooo tired!"
~G-Bear.  And, by the way, who is asking my daughter about her true love?!

"I ruuuuuuunnnnnnning!"  ~E-Bear, racing around the kitchen island, chasing his sister,  cast thumping on the floor with each step.  I think he is ready for his cast to come off :)

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