Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 7...

Gotta love these sweet babes....

G-Bear (on the way to school with MoMo): "MoMo, where is Mommy today?"
MoMo: "Oh, remember? She is helping the sick babies today, G-Bear.  Just like Daddy is fixing the kids with owies on their legs."
G-Bear: "But Daddy couldn't fix the owie on E-Bear's leg!"


Me: "E-Bear, come here please, I need to change your diaper."
E-Bear: "No, no, I fine."


A sign your toddlers have confidence in your home cooking:
G-Bear: "Mommy, do we have any more pineapple?"
Me: "No, G-Bear, this is the last of the pineapple."
G-Bear: "I have an idea.  We will just need to make some dough for more pineapple."


Me: "E-Bear, please come here, I need to change your diaper."
E-Bear: "No tank-you.  No tank-you, Mommy.  I fine."


T: "G-Bear, did you go poopy?"
G-Bear: "No, my tummy won't let go of my poopy right now."

E-Bear, our Halloween fiend: "Mommy, tootsie, peese?  TOOTSIE, PEESE!"
Me: "Ok, E-Bear, but not until after we change your diaper."
E-Bear: "Ok.  Diaper first, then tootsie."


E-Bear (sitting next to me): "Mommy, I need you."
Me: "I love you, E-Bear."

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