Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

We are ready for Thanksgiving Week around here!  We are planning several things to help share and prepare for the Thanksgiving celebration:

1.  Thanksgiving Feathers
The friendly turkey below is taped to the window next to our dinner table.  He looks very naked, as you can see.  His feathers are cut out in a pile on the book shelf.  Each day, the kids and I will talk about something they are thankful for.  Then we'll write down our thanksgivings on a feather and the kids will get to tape the feathers to the turkey to get him ready for Thanksgiving.  I am hoping for a full-plumbed bird this year :)  I also can't wait to hear what the kids come up with for their thanksgivings.

2.  Thanksgiving books
My kids love the library, and we are headed that way on Tuesday to check out some Thanksgiving books for the week.  They will love bringing the books to the family parties to have new stories to read with family members.

3.  Thanksgiving Toys
Last year, my aunt gave us the Fischer Price Little People Thanksgiving Celebration set, and my kids loved it.  I put it away just before Christmas time last year, in hopes of getting it out each year to help celebrate Thanksgiving.  The best part about seasonal toys is that the kids feel like they have gotten a brand new present.  Let thanksgiving playtime begin!

4. Recipes
I won't be cooking for Thanksgiving this year, thanks to amazing family members who love to host the festivities.  But I have found no shortage of amazing, Thanksgiving-worthy recipes in my meal planning moments over the past few weeks.  Here are a few of my new favorites, which we have either already enjoyed or are looking forward to enjoying in the next few weeks:

Bon appetit!  

May your Thanksgiving table be filled with good food, many blessings and the love of many family and friends.  Have a great week!

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