Friday, November 5, 2010

Math for the Week

Tonight, numbers seem to be the perfect way to sum up our news, describe our week and report what's up next.  Here goes.  Don't worry, no long division, derivatives or graphing calculators required.

17 -- The number of weeks I am pregnant today!  Hooray!  I could feel the baby kick from the outside for the first time this week.  For me, the first kicks are what make me start to feel like I really am pregnant.  There is nothing like it.  We love this kid already.

13 -- The number that E-Bear counted to all by himself last night in the car. "E-Bear, how high can you count?" asked T as we drove out to dinner together.  Everyone was impressed.  G-Bear was so impressed she asked him to do it again.

10 -- PM, the time T expects to get home tonight from surgery.  He has had a long week.  Who needs a call night to keep you at the hospital, when the operating room stays open that late?

7 --  The number of weeks until Christmas.  I am already excited for the holidays. Now, don't panic.  I used to hate the way that stores decorate for Christmas right after Halloween.  But I have changed my ways.  Now I start to get excited even before Halloween arrives.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving.

4 -- The number of weeks I have left to work before I get a nice long holiday break with the kids.  Up next is my month of outpatient pediatrics.  What fun!  My white coat pocket will be filled with stickers, which E-Bear and G-Bear will love when I get home.

3 -- The number of weeks of dermatology that I finished today.  As much as I loved the rotation, it is always satisfying to check off another elective.  I'm one step closer to graduation.

2 + 2 -- The number of weeks E-Bear was in a full-leg cast plus the number of weeks he has left.  Thankfully, his full-leg cast came off today!!  But, the x-ray finally showed that he did in fact break his lower leg, so back to the cast room we went for a short-leg cast.  He'll be in this one for another two weeks.  Whew.

1 -- A tired momma, ready for bed.  Thank you, Jesus.

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