Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Bible School Celebration!

Consider yourself warned....this is one of those proud parent posts coming at you.......
How can I help it?  This was such a special week for us.

Today we celebrated G-Bear's first week of school....
Vacation Bible School!

Yes, it is Vacation Bible School season right now. This year we got to participate for the first time.  I would like to give a proper shout out to Grandmo, who foresaw a great opportunity back in February and signed G-Bear up.  G-Bear wasn't yet potty-trained at the time, which was a requirement to attend this week. GULP!  Momo had more faith than I did at the time, thank goodness!

Our big girl has certainly grown up a lot this spring, and this week was a great example of that in so many ways.  G-Bear LOVED school.  I'll confess, I almost cried on Monday dropping her off with her little nut-free lunch in a brown paper bag.  Goodness, Queen B, VBS is only 3 hours!
G-Bear, however, didn't bat an eye--she was ready to play!  What is more, she practically leapt out of bed the next morning when I told her she got to go back again.  What a blessing!

Today was the sing-along performance finale and picnic.  Momo, E-Bear and I were there to cheer and sing along.  E-Bear couldn't help but dance along himself--he has been green with envy all week, wanting to stay and play in G-Bear's classroom every morning when we drop her off, and bouncing along to the music when we pick her up together.

"Ok, everyone," the leader said in front of the crowd to the 144 kids, "ready to sing and dance?  
G-Bear, are YOU ready to dance?  You always do such a good job of dancing around!"  

Holy cow.  Need any more proof that she loved this week?

Our conversation on the way home after the sing-along was really special for me:
Me: "G-Bear, I am really proud of how much fun you had at School this week.  I am proud of how you sang songs and made lots of friends and danced and listened to your teachers."
G-Bear: "yeah, but, mommy, I didn't really get to learn the songs very good."
Me: "Oh, G-Bear, don't worry!  Remember, your teacher gave us your school songs so that we could listen to them in the car.  Would you like to listen to your school songs again?"
G-Bear: "Yeah!  Mommy, do you think we could sing the songs TOGETHER?"
Me: "Sure, sweetie!  I would love to sing them with you."
G-Bear:  "And put our hands up like this?!  Just like at school?"  (Hands up above her head, doing the "Awesome God" choreography from the performance)

Can you believe how my heart was bursting with joy as we drove home, music blasting, singing along, E-Bear clapping and bouncing and G-Bear mouthing the words she could remember....

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