Sunday, June 13, 2010

Study Group Farewell

4 years,
39 courses,
2 babies,
3 weddings,
72 weeks of clinical rotations,
122 exams,
3 Board exams.....

....parents with cancer,
....heartbreaks and happiness,
.... indecision, interviews, and internship preparation,

we have done it all together, because we couldn't have done it alone.

Internal medicine, pediatrics, obgyn, me, family practice, emergency medicine...
What a team.

Tonight we had our last dinner together before our group disperses across the country for residency. Congratulations to my study buddies.  Thank you for being with me when I needed it most.

And cheers to the men (one is missing) who have supported us along the way:

With love and prayers for the future.

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